The Fame Game

Most artists dream of sharing their talents with adoring fans. Today’s successful, wealthy, and famous musicians and singers were once struggling artists who had to slowly claw their way to the top of the viscous and unforgiving entertainment industry. Today, however, it is much easier to claim your fame… if you have money to spare. Soundcloud is a Swedish company that gives new artists the opportunity to upload their music and share it with the world via the Soundcloud website. This gives musicians the chance to promote their work, and maybe even be discovered. You can totally cheat, though. You can actually buy Soundcloud downloads of your own uploaded music to give the impression that your work is popular and widespread.

In general, I think that Soundcloud is an incredible tool, even irreplaceable for some. There are reportedly hundreds of millions of subscribers. Imagine that kind exposure for a musician who is just starting out.It can do wonders for a deserving and talented individual. Not only is it great for the rising stars, but also for us normal folk who can listen to cool new music from all over the world.

But at what cost? I do question how fair the system is. Soundcloud actually encourages it’s users to purchase downloads of their own materials. To quote the website, “Any artist that has uploaded a track to Soundcloud should without a doubt should be looking to increase Soundcloud downloads to make sure they are being seen as popular.” What about individuals who do not have the means to promote their work in this manner? Do they not deserve recognition as well? I am sure there are plenty of musicians who do not have adequate funds to increase their popularity monetarily. It seems to me that the site provides better opportunities for individuals who are already financially stable, even though it is meant for those who are just starting out and trying to make a living based purely on their talents. Of course this speaks to the age-old saying, you have to spend money to make money. I suppose that is true of any business. Although it seems unjust, this is not an uncommon trend. Even without Soundcloud, if you want to be famous, the expenses are never ending: headshots, agent fees, studio time, etc. Outside of the entertainment industry, if you are born into a financially comfortable situation, the path to success is simpler because of the opportunities that are automatically presented to you (like college). This is not shocking news, but does not negate the unfairness of the situation.Out of curiosity, I checked how much it costs to purchase and buy Soundcloud downloads. To be fair, the prices are not exorbitant. One thousand downloads costs seven dollars. Even I, with the seven dollars and sixty cents currently overwhelming my bank account, can reach one thousand downloads.

Additionally, literally anyone promote his or her music even if it is just not very good. It is kind of like a chef sitting in his or herown restaurant and shouting about how delicious the food is.When I sing, I sound like a thousand sickly cows being run over by monster trucks with engine problems. I can, however, upload a song about lemur mating rituals, buy five hundred thousand downloads, and appear successful

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